Opening the trunk with a kick under the trunk can be very handy especially when your hands are full. Originally, Audi released this for the USA marketet mostly but the sensors on 2012 models weren’t working properly or at all as a matter of fact. They’ve stopped offering them in 2013 and then in 2014 started offering the feature again with better, improved module. Make sure, when retrofitting this to get your parts from a 2014 cars or you will fit a ridiculously bad working motion sensor. Note, that this will work only if you already have power-opening of your trunk working.

Parts Required

Here are the parts you need plus a cable from your motion sensor module to the comfort module in the back of the car.

In addition to the big parts, if you’ve purchased less than a full kit, you will need some clipping 4E0971847 and bolts N10415903. For the cables, you may need:

  • 4E0971847  14pcs
  • 4H0973704
  • 000979034E  2pcs
  • 000979009E

Wiring and Assembly

Both are very simple since if you have all the necessary parts, you will see where the module and antenas should go. Wiring is a bit harder if you’re doing it yourself, but with ETKA you should have no problems.


There’s no coding, the system should work with unlocked trunk 🙂

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  1. Hi, when you say power opening of the trunk, do you mean it needs to have the motorized trunk system, or just able to open the trunk with the button on your key remote?

    1. If you can open the trunk with a remote, you should be good.

  2. Hi, if I have trailer hitch it will be fit ?

    1. Yes, I think so 🙂

  3. hello, do You have maybe wiring diagram for A6 c7 4g Avant ’13 for electric trunk? thx

    1. Sorry, I have the electric trunk factory-fitted so I haven’t researched it. I know it’s kinda difficult mod though since a lot of stuff has to be replaced.

  4. Hello, is posible to specify the exact position for the 2 sensors? One sensor will be on top where the diffuser is clamped on the bumber but the second one will be near the bolts (the ones that lock the bumper in place)?

    1. Check out the schematic for installation, they have places to fit and you can mess them up!

  5. hello, unit 3AA962243 without sign “D” at the end will be ok?

    1. Should do. However, note that units after 2014 work much better than older models.

  6. on more question…it will be working in car without keyless unlocking option ?

    1. Yes, it works, you already have the antenna in the truck, mine is KESSY and works as a charm.

  7. Do you think this will work on Allroad, because there the diffuser is alluminium?

    1. Sensors are under the diffuser, I think it should work.

  8. I have installed this system on Audi allroad 2014. Coding was necessary to make it work

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