Switching to the much better looking facelift shifting knob or an RS style one requires a bit more effort than simply purchasing the knob itself and replacing it. Since the original button is facing inwards the driver, while the new one is frontal, some heating and twisting is required for the installation

Parts Required

You will need got pliers, someone to help you and the gearshift ball itself of course. Here’s the number of the original A6 knob but you can get S-line, S6, RS6 or whatever option you want.




First, you need to remove the old one. Pull the leather inwards on the market spots to free the clips and pull up. Be careful not to damage the aluminum bracket around the leather.

Twist left the bracket at the root of the knob to free it up.

Now, simply press the button hard and pull up – the entire thing will get up. Now, you will see the plastic core in the metal tube – you need to pull that up, heat it in the base and twist it 90 degrees clockwise.

It’s pull up, heat in the base, twist it more than 90 degree and then let it cool off. Watch out not to melt anything and not to make the plastic too soft.

Make sure it’s exactly vertical and you haven’t added angle anywhere.

That’s it, put the knob down, make sure it’s all the way down, press it hard, then remove the clip from the trigger and let it slide in. Enjoy your new knob 🙂


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  1. Part # is 4G1713139AGIBR (for the black one)

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