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In this post we will show you how to retrofit an original Audi A6 4F parktronic system to your car only on the rear bumper with or without visualisation.

Table of contents:

Parktronic Module

It is important to get the correct module for your needs. We’d recommend to get a module for 4 sensors and graphics support. The camera retrofit is not an easy task and adding sensors to the front bumper is not part of this manual.


  • 4F0 910 283 – 4 sensors, no graphics support
  • 4F0 910 283 A – 8 sensors, no graphics support
  • 4F0 910 283 B, D – 4 sensors, with graphics support
  • 4F0 910 283 C – 8 sensors, with graphics support
  • 4F0 910 283 F, L – 4 sensors, with graphics support, with camera support
  • 4F0 910 283 E, G, H, P – 8 sensors, with graphics support, with camera support

Parking sensors

You will need sensors with part number 7H0 919 275 C. Sensors from the older A6 C5 parktronic system are fully compatible and can be used.


Sensor holders/new rear bumper

You need to get two holders with number 4E0 906 629 A and two with number 4E0 906 630 A. The middle ones are different than the ones on the edge. If you’re going to replace your rear bumper, you don’t need these.


Seonsors cable

You need to get a cable with part number 4Z7 971 095 or 4F9 971 085 for Avant.


CAN and buzzer cable

The best way to go for this is to purchase the cable from Kufatec.


This end goes to the module:


The CAN High and CAN Low connectors:




Pins that need to be connected to a steady plus and plus on ignition:


Buzzer connector:



You need to get a buzzer with part number 4B0 919 279. Don’t buy a second-hand one since it can be faulty and the sound it produces to be different than the one it’s supposed to.



The installation consists of few steps. First, you need either to get a new rear bumper or drill 23mm holes in your existing one. If you’re going to drill your current bumper, first remove it. On the back of the bumper you will see marks where the holes should be made. Once you make the holes, glue with instant glue the holders. You can’t add them in a wrong way since they’re made to fit the bumper precisely. Finally, clip in the sensors and connect the sensors cable.


In the rear department of your trunk you have everything for the installation. Follow the Kufatec instructions but apply them with care. The same elements that needs to be connected under your glove department can be connected in the trunk.

Finally, add and connect the buzzer in the back left part of the car as shown on the photo:


Finally, you need to code your car properly. First, you need to go to the Adaptation of Can Gateway-a and add Audi Parking System as a module. Next, restart the MMI system. If you have a parking module with visualisation, you should go to the Coding section for the new Parking Aid module and recode as follows:

  • 0?xxxxxOptical Illustration
    • 0 = without Optical Illustration in Display
    • 2 = with Optical Illustration in Display

That’s all, enjoy your newly retrofitted APS!


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  1. Привет!
    Сайта е супер! Поздравления за времето и усилията.
    Един въпрос:
    Парктроник модула ми е 4F0 910 283 D. Според описанието – 4 сензора, поддържа графика.
    Само че на дисплея не ми излиза графиката на колата със секторите (както ми се иска). Само звукова сигнализация. Как точно може да се активира тази визуализация?
    Много благодаря предварително.

    1. Здравейте,

      Във Вашия случай трябва просто да включите тази функция чрез кодиране на модула:

      Audi A6 (4F) Parking Aid
      0?xxxxx: Optical Illustration
      0 = without Optical Illustration in Display
      2 = with Optical Illustration in Display

      Това е кодировката, която ви трябва. Скоро ще направя секция с подобни интересни кодинги, които биха могли да бъдат полезни на хората 🙂

      1. Zdraveite,
        Kupih si Audi 6,2006 combi 163 hp Quatro,niama park tronik I iskam da mu sloja.Znaete li ot kade moga da zakupia I postavia takav s video,grafika I senzori otpred I otzad?kolko struva?
        Blagodaria vi

        1. Описал съм модулите, които поддържат 8 сензора и камера в статията. Общо взето най-лесно става да си вземете нещата от кола донор от някоя морга. Става и от ибей примерно.

  2. Kak da napravim tozi kodirane na modul?

    1. Трябва Ви кабел и софтуер. Препорчвам за поръчка.

        1. Аз от този магазин си купих кабела 🙂 Върви с VCDS – по-добре ползвай тази програма!

          1. Ясно, мерси! Мисълта ми беше дали този кабел на който съм споделил линка ще стане. Също така аз съм с А8 2003-2004, но мисля че няма да е проблем?

  3. I have a problem with parking sensors. Namely, my parking sensors continually appear as some object is behind me when i shift into reverse. Sometimes it happens that thay are working normally, usually in day and when the weather is warm. When night falls or when it’s cooler weather my parking sensors go crazy. Whats the problem?

    1. Parking sensors can go faulty from time to time. Connect your car to a diagnostic software like VCDS and see if there are any errors recorded. If the problem is with one particular sensor, you can simply replace it with another one.

  4. hi mate I have a audi a6 2006 model with rear parking sensors but I don’t get the graphics on my display when reversing . my pdc unit part number is 4FO 919 283 D . do I need a different pdc unit? thanks

    1. That model should support graphics. Make the coding change and probably it will appear!

      1. Where is located my pdc unit part, so I can check what model is it number. I have an a6 2005 avant.
        thanks and keep up the good work

  5. thanks mate you are a superstar good bless you

  6. Добър ден аз имам Ауди а 6 4Ф и както излиза моят модул за парктроника липсва по някаква причина искам да разбера от къде мога да си купя такъв оригинален или втора употреба работещ

    1., и за доставка до България. Иначе може и по морги да проучиш дали има с такъв номер точно 🙂 Гледай както и обявите за коли на части в и

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  8. И къде по точно свързваме CAN high and low ???

    1. Отзад при бушоните има Can връзка. При поръчката на кабела идват и детайлни инструкции.

  9. hi, I’m left with this code unit 4F0 907 289F with only 4 rear sensors A6 2005 … kindly tell me know if it is compatible with the activation of graphic mmi via vag? I hope someone can help me. Thanks

    1. Yes.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply, I have bought the cable vag12.12 but do not know the procedure to be done to enable graphics of 4 rear sensors of my A6 2005 with control parking No. 4F0 907 289F? if you can give me a guide I would be really grateful. Many thanks again and good evening.

  10. Hi there,
    First we all have to say that you did a great job on this website!! A lot of very helpful info!! Tks
    Now, I have a question regarding the kufatec wires. Which part number is the one to get on the website?? And does it come with instructions??..
    Thanks again. Rom

    1. Everything form Kufatec comes with nice packaging and instructions. They use their internal numbers just so you don’t go and buy used parts and make their packs for half the price 🙂

  11. hi, i enabled visual parking but after update to 5570 got the screen and the beeps at the back but no distance showing on the screen. any ideas how to solve that?

  12. Искам да попитам ако вземам от старата А6 4B сензорите ,всичките 4 еднакви ли са т.е. краините 2 имат ли разлика с средните.Кабелите за сензора до модула съвместими ли са на А6 С5 и А6 С6

    1. Сензорите стават да, аз съм с такива, но пак има разлика между крайните. Честно казано може и еднакви, правят се лесно. Буксата където влиза може в основата лекичко да се резне само пластмасата и се огъват при нужда.

  13. Искам да питам ти можеш ли да го кодираш за мен и моята кола и как да се сваржа с теб

    1. Не колега, чисто хоби ми е сайта, не предлагам подобни услуги 🙂

  14. A евентуално да ме насочиш към някои

  15. Някой знае ли как се водят конекторите от снимката “The CAN High and CAN Low connectors”?
    от доста време се опитвам да ги намеря … ама … цък

    1. Не разбирам въпроса къде как да се водят?!

  16. Изчетох доста от вашият изключително полезен сайт и на първо място бих желал да Ви благодаря за предоставената информация.
    Парктроник модулът на моето АУДИ А6 ALLROAD модел 2008 е 4F0910283H , в момента кодинга е 201416. Искам да включа и камера за задно виждане. Коя цифра от кода да променя, какъв е моделът на камерата и къде евентуално да търся букса за включване ако е предвидена в окабеляването? Благодаря предварително.

    1. Трябва да се смени третата цифра от ляво на дясно, т.е кодинга ще стане 202416 ако всичко друго е направено както трябва ще чапочне да работи. Иначе трябва нов плафон над номера с камера, модул за камерата в багажника и връзка до ММИ-а (който трябва да поддържа FBAS) задължително. Доста скъпичък и не-лек ретрофит, препоръчвам да вземете комплект или да хванете някой, който разбира да ви го направи и да си вземе всичко каквото му трябва от кола донор иначе ще е страшна разправия. В Куфатек иамат ретрофит китове, но са доста скъпички

  17. Здравейте, имам следния проблем на моето Ауди А6, авант 2006г., VCDS ми дава грешка в предния ляв сензор на парктроника в
    следствие на което изчезва от време на време графиката на дисплея, после пак се появява. Мислите ли че е дефектирал само сензора или самият модул и трябва ли да свалям предната броня за да подменя сензора? Да знаете къде се намира модула на парктроника на 2.7 тди, 2006, че аз нещо не мога да го открия отзад в багажника….Благодаря предварително!

    1. Да, често дефектират модулите. За съжаление трябва да свалите бронята, няма как да се бръкне отдолу. Внимавайте много да не ви разцентроват фаровете, при операцията. Модула си е в багажника, но при аванта е от другата страна. Така или иначе 100% е датчик, не съм чул до сега такъв модул да дефектира…

  18. Hi, I have an Audi A8 with high MMI 2G so everything should be the same as above. I have parking sensors front and rear with Parking Sensor module 4E 901 283B. Can i update the module to get graphics display?

    1. Yes, just enable it with the coding 🙂

  19. Колеги имам малак проблем от Kufatec ми изпратиха кабела за връзка с КАН и зумера но без инструкции за инсталация. някои може ли да ми каже къде да сваля инструкции

    1. Пиши на Куфатек да ти го пратят по мейла.

  20. Здравей ,притежавам Шкода Суперб не ми работи парктоника само изпииква при включване на задна предавка . Закачиха я на компютър за да разбера кой датчик е развален , но техника каза че модула не реагира . Той не знае къде се намира модула …? Вие знаете ли ? Имам три резервни сензора да опитам ли на първо време с подмяна ?

    1. Не знам при шкодите как е, при А6 е отзад в ляво или в дясно (комби / седан) при отворите до калника. Качете я на VCDS и вижте от какво е, ако е от модуле е едно, ако е изгорял датчик друго…

  21. Здравейте отново и поздрави за компетентните мнения, обръщам се със следния въпрос …Ауди а6 авант 2006..решил съм да си сменя стоповете с оригинални LED такива, но се появи следния проблем .. Работи само мигача,,предполагам че трябва да прекодираме някой от модулите, но не мога да намеря кой точно?? Благодаря предварително

  22. Става ли ретрофита при усложие да има подходящ модул с визуализация на mmi basic plus?

    1. Въпроса Ви е неразбираем…

  23. Извинявам се,монохромния дисплей в червено дали поддържа визуализация за парктроник?Четох от друг източник,че не.Търся второ,компетентно мнение.

  24. Благодарности отново, а понеже комфорт модула ми е 4F0 907289G, мислите ли че последната буква има значение както при парктроник модулите , в смисъл дали всички поддържат лед осветление, или трябва да си търся и подходящ модул…и последно нали при този тип кодиране трябва да заменя целия седем цифрен код с наличния в момента, защото пробвах веднъж с тези от линка, но модула не ги прие и аз не съм опитвал с другите,,,

  25. Hi.
    Where I can locate PDC modul in Audi A6 AVANT, 2008 ?

  26. Hello my friend! i see that you did rear parking system, what about front parking system, i have a6 2010years, and it have only rear parking system, and it have 4L0 919 283 b park system block.

    1. What about it? 4 more pdc sensors, one harness more plus a button on the dash to switch it on and off 🙂

      1. oke 🙂 whats sounds very cool 🙂 do you have idea, can i install PDC from audi c5? b6 b7? its same system like on 2010?

  27. Hi let me says thanks for all your hard work first of all I have just bought a 2006 a6 and looking at downloading the software updates for the mmi and when you say change to coding for the visual how do,you do this thanks again Stephen

    1. You need the VCDS software and a cable to connect to your car.

  28. Hi, I have an Audi A6 Allroad C6 4F 2006 and my sensors don’t work at all. Please advise.

    1. Replace sensors.

  29. Zdraveyte,

    1-vo da se izvinq za kirilicata, no nqmam druga opciq v momenta. Vsichko ste obyasnili mnogo tochno i yasno, admiracii za koeto.

    1. Imam vapros otnosni stapkite za na parktronic i na prednata bronia vkliuchitelno. Pri polojenie, che se sdobia s modul 4F0 910 283 C , koito pozvolyava 8 senzora. Procedurata ostava li sashata kato pri zadnata bronia ?

    2. Otnosno varianta s 8 senzora i kamera. Osven konkretnia komplet + kamera ima li nujda ot nyakavi drugi komponenti ? Saotvetno kabelat za kamerata otkade se prekarva ili go ima zalojen v kupeto ?

    Blagodarya predvaritelno.

    1. Ами процедурата е горе-долу същата, но има още един кабел + копче до това за подгрева, щората и тн. в средата, което спира парктроника отпред, 4 сензора още, още окабеляване и тн. За камерата е още по-сложно, трябва да имаш MMI unit с FBAS вход. Нищо няма заложено в купето теглиш кабели през цялата кола.

  30. can funcion with mmi2g basic
    pls link where can i buy these things

    1. I think not.

  31. Where can I find the parktronic module in the car? Sedan version not avant

    1. Thanks for the manual. It really helped me out. Just one point. I done everything coded gatewey[19] and parking module[76] 2 on second digit. In my case I didn’t have graphic(visualization). When I put reverse could only hear sound. I had to code Head unit[7], adaptation, channel 1, add 8 to current value if fitting rear parking sensors or add 4 if fitting rear+front, Rest MMI.
      After that I have Audi Parking option where you control volume and frequency of buzzer and visualization started working straight away.
      Note. If we add 4 and fitting rear only on the screen we see car showing that car is fitted with front and rear sensors(spaces for distance range) Hope it make sense and help somebody

    2. Inside the Luggage compartment , open the compartment on the right side . Its there

  32. Hi,
    Your site is awsome and very helpfull, i have a audi a6 4F with 2G High and have no parking sensores i was trying to find the modules everywhere but couldnt find it, i want to install all 8 sensores, can you help me where to find the module and the cables.

  33. Hello, I have no Parking module on my car, but I want to make a retrofit. I am more interested in the camera. Should I need video output on my MMI in order to use and connect the reverse camera, or should I need just a module that supports camera?

    1. It’s difficult. If you have TV Tunner it’s a bit easier but still a lot of wiring. Basically, you need an MMI main unit with FBAS input, camera module, the camera itself and a parking module that supports it. Then it’s all coding and wiring.

  34. Hello! I can’t see the photos because of a blocked url. Please fix that and keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for reporting, fixed 🙂

  35. privet ! imam audi a6 4f , avtomobila e samo sas zaden parktronic orginalno si e taka sas vizualizacia na displeia vatre . bix iskal da i sloja i preden parktronic no da e orginalno vsi4ko . naiasno sam 4e 6te mi triabva nov modul , bronia s dupki , 4 dat4ika s darja4ite im za broniata ….i.t.n.t …samo ne mi e iasno pri orginalnoto ima buton v kupeto koito aktivira parktronica …kak 6te stane pri men …! blagodaria pozdravi

    1. Ами пак през бутон трябва. В момента съм си купил един кит за преден парктроник и се чудя дали да си го сложа 🙂 Та ще има снимки как става.

  36. Will this one work on a Audi A4 from 2012?

  37. Hi, I have an A6 4F 2007 with original parking sensors, but the graphicak illustration doesn’t appear on the display. But it would be nice to have.
    What I should do and where?
    Thanks in advance!

  38. Hello A6Retrofit,

    I am really fond of your blog and an enthusiastic reader.

    Anyways, some of the photos are not showing and I was wondering if you can provide me some and the location of where the module originally sits.

    I think my module is out. No beeps or nothing but the MMI shows that Parktronic exists.

    Thanks for your reply in advance!

  39. Hello,
    Could you please let me know where the parking module is normally located? I am trying to fix the parktronic system for my audi a6. Seems like the module is faulty, the buzzer, and one of the sensors. (I don’t remember the code but I saw these come up) I would like to change the normal module to the one with visual aid. I am going to check the fuse and everything else before approaching this.

    From your posting for the parking module to have the visual aid, it only needs the module ending with code B and D right?

    Thank you.

  40. I have a question.
    I want to retrofit my A6 (4F-2005). I have allready front/rear sensor (buzzer only).
    Am I correct that I only have to change (and recode) the module to a 4F0 910 283 C.
    Or ist there also a Special new cable necessary?
    Are the sensors the same (buzzer / graphic)?
    Thanks for your answer.

  41. Hi @all,
    I figured it out. Retrofitted my 8 sensor “buzzer only” A6 4F, 2005 – Limo
    Just change the module. No Special cables needed.
    The sensors are the same.
    (I will change them also in spring – the are old and lost some of their sensitifity
    But thats NORMAL ) 🙂
    Recode with VCDS – Restart MMI – all DONE in 15 minutes !!!

  42. Please help, can’t find where to connect elements in the trunk instead of connecting under glove box

  43. Hi. My 2004 A6 has a problem with 2/4 rear p.sensors. just replaced them. Still don’t work. Is the module broken?
    Thanks for all help

  44. I have the same issue as most others, cannot find where to connect the wiring in the trunk instead of the glove box. It’s going to be a big job routing the cables through the car. Can anyone please help?

  45. Beer tokens will most definitely be on their way if anyone could help with wiring the system via the boot instead of the glove box!!! I really don’t want to start pulling all my trim off to get the glovebox.

  46. Can anyone tell me the location of the parking sensor buzzer on an Audi A6 Saloon 2005? I have seen forums where it says you need to fold the rear seats down, I have not got a lever to do this on mine. Any help would be appreciated, thanks Craig

  47. Hi! I’d like to know if this can be done to an a6 4g model 2012. I want pdc sensors only in the back of my car. Is it possible?

  48. I like this website a lot, and in principle, it’s great – however, it’s often short on the real detail to actually get a job like this done.

    I’m really interested in doing this upgrade to my car – however, where does the Park Tronic module actually do? All it says in the blog above is:

    “In the rear department of your trunk you have everything for the installation. Follow the Kufatec instructions but apply them with care. The same elements that needs to be connected under your glove department can be connected in the trunk.”

    That’s it?! I don’t understand. The module, will need to be plugged into the car somewhere. The cable from the sensor modules, presumably needs to be routed from the rear bumper to wherever the parktronic module is sited – surely this has to be in the boot cavity where the rear fuse box is?? Ifso, if you also wanted to add front parking sensors, you need to route the cable from those additional sensors to the parktronic module in the rear fuse box cavity?

    These are the sorts of real installation details that are missing. I need more info to start to tackle a job like this, as I don’t really want to make it up as I go along and hope for the best!

  49. Hello guys. I have MMI Basic Plus , and 8 sensors but I dont know do i have graphic support or not. (where can I find parktronic module in my trunk , i dont have vcds)

    1. Nope

  50. I can’t find he parktronic module either.

  51. Hi, my car is 2007 AUDI A6, 2.7 TDI, V6 S Line, VIN: WAUZZZ4F17N104815. It doesn’t have front parking sensors. What parts do I need to to instal this system?

    1. 4 more sensors in the front, bumbper with holes for them, one more cable and parking module that supports 8 sensors.

  52. hello, can you post pictures where can connect can high and can low? or can you help me with the mail?

    1. Look for the orange white / organge pair of wires – that’s the low / high of the can!

  53. Hi, I have the following – HW: 4F0 919 283 F, but there was no graphical display.
    I bought VCDS and tried to enable optical display but every time it would say – Coding rejected – Error 31: Request out of range.
    I’ve looked at your list and I should be able to have optical display but no joy. Can you give me an idea as to what may be going wrong, and how to put it right…

    Cheers and keep up the good work

    1. You need a new parking module, the one you have does not support graphics. Probably order release or something like that.

  54. Brilliant, thank you.

    I’ll have a look about to see if any are for sale.

  55. Hi, great work!
    I have a faulty PDC sensor. I wonder if there is a possibility to transfer/swap the old PDCs painted cover to the new sensor so I don’t have to paint it?

    1. There is no cover, the paint is overe the sensor itself…

  56. Hello do you have an tutorial or instruction with what is needed for reverse camera and how to install it on A6 C6 4F 2005?

    Thank you!

    1. No, sorry

  57. Hi.
    If my A6 4F has already 8 parking sensors (with buzz, no display), in order to retrofit with camera I still need cables?
    Is not enough to change the parking module, connect the camera to the module and code it?


    1. Yes, you will always need cables.

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